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Invest & Earn 
Up To
12% Returns

Join the peer-to-peer investment revolution and start earning passive income by investing in P2P lending through Vitto today!


Benefits Of P2P Lending

Curated borrower base with multiple level of assessment.

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Annual Returns

Up to 12 %

Less than 0.5% Default

All Women Borrowers

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Loans Purpose

Income Generation Activity



Risk Level





Very Low

Lock - In


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Join us in our journey to create financial returns with an impact on millions of borrowers.

What are the risks, and how do we reduce them

There's some risk

Credit Default Risk: Vitto partnered with Peer to Peer Lending platform - RNVP Technology Pvt. Ltd - RBI NBFC-P2P Certificate of Registration (CoR) No. : N-12.00468, puts its best efforts into sourcing the right borrowers, and doing thorough underwriting, information verification, KYC checks and advance assessment tools such as household income assessment and behavioural information. However, there is still a possibility of fraud or credit default risk for the borrower. It’s part and parcel of any lending activity. Here, your investment is into loans. In a way, it’s a lending activity. Though Vitto platform’s performance is good, and it delivered good results in the past, it is vital for you to understand the risk involved in the investment. To mitigate this risk, your investment should be divided into small amounts. On the Vitto platform, the capital matching algorithm helps you achieve the same.

Collection Risk: If a borrower does not repay, the platform uses various channels (which follow all RBI-specified guidelines) to recover the funds and ensure you receive your funds back. This includes digital follow-ups, physical meetings with the borrower, and initiating a legal recovery process against the borrower. Based on the loan amount, outstanding amounts, and physical connectivity of the place, the platform decides on the type of collection efforts in the best possible way. Again, because your investments are divided into hundreds and thousands of loans, the effect of non-repayment by a particular borrower will be very minimal.

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