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Vitto | Aapka
Vitta Saathi

Make easy loan repayments with help of in-app video assistance in your preferred local language for a safer and a better experience. 

Online Shopping

Designed For Bharat

Vitto app connects the lenders and the borrowers of the microcredit, simplifying the entire microfinancing experience with our AI-powered vernacular app helping less tech savvy users acquire loans without any hassles or long documentation troubles.

Assistive & Vernacular AI

Designed to be used by all borrowers with zero language or technological barrier, our app is offered in multiple local languages and guides the borrowers through every step of the process.

Video Assistance

Simple To Use UI

Local Language


Save Your Time

Our platform provides various actionable customer insights and will assist from customer onboarding to field officer planning and assistance. With our borrower-centric mobile application, we bring the loan and other financial products, hassle-free and entirely online, at the user's fingertips, thus empowering micro-lenders to maintain relationships digitally.

Zero Typing

Minimal Number

Of Steps

Quick Loan


Reduce Cost

Client onboarding and monitoring costs take up to 5% of the total operating costs. With our remote onboarding and client monitoring take control of this cost and reduce the total cost of up to 2% .

 Reduction In

Operating Cost

Have More Control

Our mobile application provides you with the loan status, payment reminders, online payment, top-up loans and customer support. Complete KYC process online and rest free with our commitment to safety and privacy of your data.

Loan Status


Early Payment


Online Payment

Top Up Loans


Educational Content

Our application also provides the borrowers with financial informative and educative bite - sized videos  to enable them to make an informed decision.





Games &


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